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South Eastern Michigan Gay Boys

A Place For The Metro Detroit Boys

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South Eastern Michigan Gay Boys

This community is here for a few reasons. Mainly its here for us just to be able to have fun. A place for all the guys in SE Mich to be able to chat, meet new people, find out where the hot spot is on any given weekend. If you're going to have a party and want people to come, post it here. Do whatever you want, just don't cause drama. It's not a rating site, however applications are going to be manditory for the purpose of keeping it drama free. So, if you're new here, follow these simple rules and submit your application!

Application Guidelines
1. The title of your first post must be "Application"
2. The first thing in your application should be a clear face pic of yourself, followed by your Name, Age and Location.
3. Everything after your Name, Age and Location MUST be put under a LJ Cut. If you don't know what that is, go through the LJ FAQ's and find out. If you post without a LJ Cut, you're diggin' your own grave pal.
4. Feel free to post as many pictures of yourself as you would like. At least 3 is reccomended, but not required.
5. Give us a short bio of yourself, just so we can get an idea of who you are. Crap like, where you go to school, where you work, are you gay or bi, are you out to your family, are you single (that will probably be a pretty important one, given the nature of homos =P )etc, etc...

After you've submitted your application, current memebers will be able to comment. If they know you, they'll be able to tell us anything they like about you. If they know you cause drama, they'll be able to tell us. The acceptance process isn't an exact science. In the end your membership will be decided by Community Owner, and the Maintainers. We're all really nice guys.. I promise =P

Community Owner:

Accepted Members:

So that's about it kiddos. This should be a really good time, so submit your application, and promote, promote, promote!